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Control Room Solutions


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Black Box helps you transition your control room connectivity infrastructure to a new age where remote access, 4k over IP and high-end display solutions make your workflows more efficient and your critical operations fail-safe. We combine more than 40 years of industry experience and a comprehensive portfolio of technology products to support you throughout every step of your control room project. Our solutions give you complete connectivity, complete control, and complete visualisation, today and in the future.

  • Integrate, manage and add user access to remote servers with high-performance KVM technology
  • Share and visualise content remotely and locally to any device with future-proof video wall technology
  • Rely on high-quality networking components and cables for your critical infrastructure
  • Simultaneously operate in secure and unsecure domains with real-time instant switching

Black Box Control Room Components

Control room connectivity diagram

Why Black Box?


Complete Visualization

Make decisions from a common operating picture or shared display.


Complete Connectivity

Rely on proven connectivity for all of your networking, cables, AV and infrastructure needs.


Complete Control

Simplify signal management, switching and extension and remote sharing from anywhere, at any time.

Control Room Solutions

KVM Signal Switching and Extension

Signal Switching & Extension

Switch, extend and share access to remote computers and distribute video and peripheral signals to multiple user stations.

Operator Workspace and Control Solutions

Operator Workspace & Control

Increase operator response time with intuitive, touch screen and keyboard/mouse-based control for multiple systems and servers.

Visualisation and Collaboration Solutions

Visualization & Collaboration

Improve situational awareness and make better decisions with real-time data visualisation through shared video walls.

Remote Sharing and Control Solutions

Remote Sharing & Control

Securely manage and monitor critical processes from a backup control room and stream live IP video over LAN or WAN.

Network Connectivity Solutions

Reliable Connectivity

Secure data and network availability with professional-grade AV cables, networking components and IT infrastructure products.

Failsafe Network Solutions

Fail-safe Networks

Take full control of your entire network to monitor critical events, provide sufficient bandwidth and secure critical connections.

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