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Public Safety Answering Points

KVM Extension/Data Visualisation Technology Solutions

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Black Box provides public safety communications solutions that help improve situational awareness, decision-making, and response times in emergency operations centres and real time crime centres. Our solutions help to streamline computer aided dispatching activities and enable fast real time data sharing, mission critical communications collaboration, and efficient security operations.

We provide tailored technology solutions for:

  • Instant access to remote computers
    Remotely acess data and video sources, allowing fast collaborative environments.
  • Operator workspace & control
    Enable operators to work faster with single sets of keyboard/mouse and touch-panel control for multiple systems.
  • Control multiple computers
    Improve controller working position and workspace ergonomics, reducing desktop clutter, noise and heat.
  • Multi-user collaborative workflows
    Connect multiple operators to multiple computers with real-time, pixel-perfect video performance.
  • Preventative monitoring
    and event reporting to minimize downtime - enabling a faster response to mission-critical events.

Black Box provides KVM, AV and Networking solutions for

Emergency Dispatching

Emergency Dispatching

Dispatch centers are public safety control rooms operated by dispatchers that take all types of emergency calls, including police, fire, and accidents, with the responsibility of forwarding information to the appropriate response team. KVM switching technology allows to connect computers, enabling call center staff to quickly track incoming calls, see what resources are available (ambulance, fire trucks, EMS, police), as well as forwarding the necessary communications from prompt preventive/reactive actions.

Our video wall and KVM technology solutions support:

Computer Aided
Emergency Dispatch Operations

Computer aided emergency dispatching is a method of routing field service technicians or emergency services assisted by computer. Our solutions enable instantaneous access to and switching of computer signals with preset configurations, accelerating the sharing of mission-critical information with first responders

Police Dispatching

As police dispatch operators constantly monitor iminent situations and analyze data that needs instant response, fast processing of mission-critical data is crucial. Our solutions improve work‑flows, facilitating a centralised, large-scale event driven visualisation setup for multiple team members improving real-time situational awareness

Medical Dispatching

For medical dispatching sometimes seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Our KVM switching and extension solutions ensure that dispatch operators are able to instantaneously access and switch between multiple computers and applications from their individual workspaces.

Suitable Black Box Technology Solutions:


Freedom II Multi Monitor KM Switch

Improved Desktop Ergonomics

With the Freedom Multi Monitor KM Switches, dispatch operators can seamlessly switch between separate computer systems simply by moving a mouse cursor from monitor to monitor.

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Emerald® 4K KVM over IP

KVM Matrix & Access to Virtual Machines

Emerald® 4K KVM over IP is a Unified KVM converged system that delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video over an IP network, a proprietary direct connection or both. Access and manage an unlimited number of servers, PCs, and virtual machines.

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DKM 4K KVM Matrix Switch

Modular KVM Matrix Switching

The modular DKM KVM matrix solution allows instantaneous switching and extension of numerous video signal formats with digital resolutions of up to 4K at 60 fps. With various redundancy options it's ideal for 24/7 control room applications.

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Room Control and Multi-System Automation

ControlBridge® enables operators to trigger control room systems and room automation via an intuitive touch panel GUI or even mobile devices. Control signals via Ethernet or a serial connection to a video wall through the use of dynamic API commands or preset functions.

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Real Time Crime Center Operations

Real Time Crime Center Operations

Real Time Crime Centers are in charge of monitoring iminent threats and criminal activities. As there is an increase in the adoption of security and surveillance systems in this field, it´s important to provide real time visualization systems like high-resolution video walls that allow police operators to monitor and stop crime quickly and efficiently.

Our video wall and KVM technology solutions help support:

Real-time Crime mapping

Our visualization technologies facilitate the visualisation of location-based information that allows law enforcement to map, share, and analyse crime incident patterns

Digital Evidence Management /
Predictive Crime Analytics

Our solutions provide law enforcement with critical insight to improve intelligence, enhance investigative capabilities and increase operational efficiencies.

Public Surveillance

Network video recording and video surveillance systems enable technologies such as facial detection and license plate recognition. Our solutions help to provide connectivity and visualise video feeds.

Suitable Black Box Technology Solutions:

MediaCento AV over IP streaming

Event Driven Visualisation

MediaCento allows 4K video signal extension / distribution to several displays from one or more sources from which critical data information originates.

MediaCento Flyer


H.264 encoders and decoders

IP-based Video Encoders and Decoders

Encode video signals from any source, like PCs, Servers, or surveillance cameras and distribute it out over IP networks to a decoder. The signals can even be transmitted to a display, a video wall and a digital signage system.

H.264 Encoders/Decoders Manual


Security Operations Centers (SOC)

Security Operations Centers

Security Operations require operators to retrieve and distribute data and visualise it in their traffic/security control rooms, crisis coordination centers and emergency operation centers. Our solutions help operators manage a wide variety of incoming video and data feeds, enabling instant assessment of information and maintaining the safety and security.

Our video wall and KVM technology solutions help support:

Records Management Operations

Real-time viewing of in-car cameras, body-worn cameras and CCTV sources. Collect, access and centrally visualise critical information gathered during the course of any incident or investigation.

Criminal Intelligence

For Criminal Intelligence multople data sources need to be displayed and controlled simultaneously, allowing police operators to make correlations between data feeds and intelligently analyze all available information.

Network Cyber Security

In Network Cyber Security operators monitor, anticipate and ultimately prevent of malicious cyber attacks, data breaches and eavesdropping. Our solutions help to centrally control and manage multiple remote PCs and servers.

Suitable Black Box Technology Solutions:


Emerald® 4K KVM over IP

KVM Matrix & Access to Virtual Machines

Emerald® 4K KVM over IP is a Unified KVM converged system that delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video over an IP network, a proprietary direct connection or both. Access and manage an unlimited number of servers, PCs, and virtual machines.

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Agility IP-based KVM extension

High-Performance KVM over IP Extension

Extend AV signals over CATx or fiber with the Agility transmitters and receivers. Agility enables you to do more and go further with pixel perfect digital video over nearly unlimited distances within your TCP/IP network.

Agility Datasheet


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