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On-Demand Webinar
Connecting the Control Room with Next Gen KVM Technology

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Today's evolving control rooms need real-time data feeds, less downtime, more operator efficiency and better situational awareness. As control rooms migrate towards physical and virtual device access to save time, money and space, KVM has evolved to help control room operators improve workflow and increase resilience, saving hours of work every day.

Webinar highlights:

  • Emerald™ 4K KVM over IP for Virtual and Physical Servers
  • KVM network resiliency and backup control room connectivity
  • Support for hybrid environments of physical and virtual machines
  • Migration and scaling existing KVM network equipment to current and future needs
  • Futureproofing your network with IP or direct connect solutions
  • Support future UHD video resolutions over IP

John Hickey
Senior Director KVM and
Pro AV Business Black Box

John Hickey


Selected Solutions Featured in the Webinar

4K KVM over IP for Virtual and Physical Servers

Emerald Unified KVM

Emerald™ 4K KVM over IP is a Unified KVM converged system that delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video over an IP network, a proprietary direct connection or both. Access and manage an unlimited number of servers, PCs, and virtual machines from any location and share resources such as hardware and licenses across a dedicated KVM network, an existing IP network, or even the internet.

Centralised KVM management : Boxilla®

Network Command Centre for Centralised KVM / AV Management

When connected within a KVM Matrix Switch, Boxilla allows centralised KVM network management, establishing the perfect focal point for video and data distribution to the workstation area. This allows for the setup of a remote control and monitoring system that provides centralised awareness of the equipment performance and availability.

Room Control and Multi-System Automation: ControlBridge™

Enable multiple system control and room automation through a single touch panel

ControlBridge™ enables operators to trigger control room and room automation systems via an intuitive touch panel GUI or even mobile devices. Control signals via Ethernet or a serial connection to a video wall through the use of dynamic API commands or preset functions.