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British Airways
ServSwitch DKM FX

Overview of the DKM FX Video and Peripheral Matrix Switching System.


Public transport

Smart IT solutions for public transport

Smart IT solutions for public transport

KVM extension and switching for control rooms

Free 30 Minute Consultation Today’s number of applications used in a public transport environment is significant. In order to offer a smooth service and maximum security to the passengers, dispatch operators in the control room rely on quality images, non-stop availability of control signals, and the ability to send real-time information to the various equipment, via emergency announcement and signaling systems.

Take advantage of todays technology in Public TransportTake advantage of today’s technology to ensure the best possible convenience and safety of your passengers and personnel.

Black Box can help you improve the efficiency of your public transport network. Whether you need real-time monitoring of observations, identifications of individuals, passenger flows, etc., or minimized downtime, our KVM solutions offer a maximum of flexibility and by that improved reliability.

More about the KVM solutions used in public transport environments.


Infrastructure solutions for Public TransportWe can design, install, and maintain your entire IT infrastructure to your exact specifications.

Public transport organisations face unique IT challenges. Compared to regular business networks, public transport networks must be faster, more available, more reliable, more cascadable and more secure.

Overcome your IT challenges with our complete portfolio of infrastructure solutions.


Ergonomics is the goal in Public TransportErgonomics is the end goal

How well your personnel can respond to security issues can directly impact the safety of your passengers. Make sure your personnel can focus on the applications and processes of their jobs.

What are the advantages of using KVM in a public transport control room?

Our clients within the transport sector

  • De Lijn
  • NMBS
  • TEC
  • STIB
  • RET
  • HTM
  • British Airways
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