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Black Box Network Services

Black Box Network Services Headquarter in scenic Lawrence, Pennsylvania, 20 miles south of PittsburghHeadquartered in scenic Lawrence, Pennsylvania, 20 miles south of Pittsburgh, Black Box was co-founded by Gene Yost and Dick Raub in 1976. The company's success is firmly rooted in the original vision:

To create a central, reliable source for hard-to-find products and technical skill.

A global company - Black Box Network Services has the largest footprint in the industry, With offices and resources serving approximately 150 countries. With more than 4000 Team Members worldwide, we serve more than 175,000 clients in every major industry sector.

Catalogue - The company began selling connectivity devices - the "little black boxes" - that customers needed to connect their primary communications products. The company was originally called Expandor, Inc., but it soon changed to Black Box because customers came to know the company after its catalogue name.

Black Box First Catalogue 1977

Black Box latest Catalogue

First catalogue 1977 Catalogue 2015

When the first Black Box Catalogue rolled off the presses in early 1977, it had just 18 pages. Today the Black Box Catalogue - an enormous 700+ page book - features more than 10,000 networking & datacommunication solutions and has multiple international versions published.

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