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AV, Multimedia and Digital Signage

Our AV, multimedia and digital signage solutions provide you with the technology you need to set up high-performance AV distribution and digital signage systems.

We're your source for digital signage platforms and everything behind the screens. And we mean everything – AV splitters, extenders, switches, converters, scalers, enclosures, and more.

Featured solutions:


Efficient meeting room booking

Make instant reservations, and extend or cancel existing meetings directly from the touch panel.

MediaCento IPX video extenders

HD video over IP to multiple screens

Multicast HDMI video over an IP network.

Videoplex 4 Video Wall Controller

Create stunning video walls

Videoplex 4 video wall controller allows you to create individually shaped video wall designs.

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  • MediaCento IPX
    MediaCento IPX
  • AV-over-IP Webinar
    AV-over-IP Webinar
  • VideoPlex4 Video Wall Controller
    VideoPlex4 Video Wall Controller
  • DVI video extenders
    DVI video extenders

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Featured solutions:

Networked digital signage systems

Networked digital signage systems

Easy-to-use digital signage platform for vibrant, real-time displays.

iCOMPEL Content Commander Appliance

Interactive standalone signage

System designed for applications that require touch interactivity and advanced processing of video content.

MediaFlyer Express

An information display that anyone can manage

MediaFlyer Express combines a smart media player with cloud content.

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  • An introduction to digital signage
    An introduction to digital signage
  • MediaFlyer Express demo
    MediaFlyer Express demo
  • iCOMPEL™ demo
    iCOMPEL™ demo
  • iCOMPEL™ Q Series
    Hardened Digital Signage

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