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MediaCento™ IPX

HDMI-over-IP Distribution & Video Wall Control

HDMI-over-IP Distribution & Video Wall Control

Display up to 4K UHD Video over IP to a virtually unlimited number of screens as far as your local network reaches with MediaCento™ IPX

MediaCento™ IPX is the perfect HDMI-over-IP distribution solution that enables you to transmit HDMI video over Ethernet to a virtually unlimited number of screens as far as your local network reaches.

Do you need to extend (unicast) audio/video from one source to a single screen or distribute (multicast) the same content to multiple screens?
Perhaps you need the ability to switch between multiple sources or create video walls?

MediaCento™ IPX has you covered. Add in the MediaCento™ Controller, and the system becomes an IP-based matrix switch and video wall processor.

Main product features and benefits include:

  • Up to 4K Ultra HD video extension over IP: Unicast or multicast HDMI video and audio to a nearly unlimited number of screens on a network. You need just one transmitter and one receiver for each screen
  • Easy integration: The transmitter(s) and receiver(s) install directly into an existing LAN infrastructure
  • Plug-and-play setup: There's no need to configure any IP settings (although more experienced users can do that if needed)
  • HD or 4K model extends HDMI digital video/audio up to 100 m between transmitter and receiver (point-to-point) using CATx cable or (4K model only) up to 30 km between transmitter and receiver over single-mode fibre cable using a standard Gigabit SFP module
  • Lossless compression and ultra-low latency no matter what the distance or the number of screens
  • HDCP 2.2 compliant
  • Extended display identification data (EDID) copy function results in an optimal PC-to-screen performance
  • Power over Ethernet: There's no need for external power. PoE power eliminates external power supplies
  • 4K units support USB, serial, IR and analog audio
  • Scalable video: Add transmitters and receivers as you add sources and displays
  • Matrix Switching and Video Wall Control: Use the standalone MediaCento™ IPX Controller with any network switch for full flexibility including dual network and video wall support, up to 8 x 8 (64 screens). Or, build the network with our unique LPB2900-series switches with built-in basic control functionality.

Video: MediaCento™ IPX HDMI-over-IP Distribution Explained

MediaCento™ IPX HDMI-over-IP Distribution Applications

MediaCento Unicast Configuration

Unicast mode

  • Transmit point-to-point video from one source to one single screen over an Ethernet network

MediaCento Multicast Configuration

Multicast mode

  • Transmit HDMI video over Ethernet network rom one source to multiple screens
  • This application can also support a video wall

MediaCento Multicast mode application with video wall and matrix switching Configuration

Multicast mode with video wall and matrix switching

  • Transmit video from multiple sources to multiple screens over an Ethernet network
  • Control and switch the displays from the PC or mobile device

Product Details

HDMI HD video to 4K UHD video over IP
The MediaCento™ IPX IP-based audio/video distribution solution uses existing standards-based Ethernet technology and TCP/IP protocols to unicast HDMI HD / 4K UHD video signals on your Gigabit Ethernet network. In a multicast configuration, one transmitter can drive multiple receivers with no extra network load.

Easy integration
Transmitters and receivers install directly into your existing LAN infrastructure. There's no need to configure any IP settings or run expensive dedicated links from a back room. Better yet, being PoE-powered eliminates the need for external power supplies.

Plug-and-play setup
Use rotary switches to set the transmitter and receivers to the same multicast or unicast channel and all IP multicasting settings are automatically configured. Just connect your source, your display(s), and a network switch. It's ready to go!

Signals that go for kilometres
The units support IGMP and packetise signals so all your HD/UHD source content can be delivered anywhere you want over Ethernet wiring. The extender transmits video up to 100 m per link, but goes even longer when additional network switches are added to the mix. Use fibre with media converters to go several kilometres, if needed.

Optimal PC-to-screen performance
MediaCento™ IPX HD/4K features extended display identification data (EDID) copy function, which ensures the proper video settings are maintained, and is HDCP 2.2 compliant supporting also protected contents from Blu-rays.

Secure connectors
All MediaCento™ IPX products come with locking HDMI and power connectors.

Flexible matrix switching and video wall control
With the MediaCento™ IPX Controller added to the system, you can:

  • Create video walls up to 8 x 8 (64 screens).
  • Control and switch from any source to any display remotely using the intuitive Web interface. The controller automatically detects any MediaCento IPX units in the network and pulls them into the Web interface for easy setup and control.
  • Control from a secondary network using the controller's two Ethernet ports.
  • Remotely control the units from a mobile interface such as a laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

MediaCento™ IPX 4K

  • Transmit HDMI video and audio signals over a Gigabit Ethernet network.
  • Better video: 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4096 x 2160 @ 30 Hz, 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz and all 3D formats.
  • Better audio: supports digital and analog audio embedding and extraction.
  • Better compatibility: 4K to 1080p downscaling.
  • Better control: USB 2.0, bi-directional IR and RS-232.
  • PoE power eliminates external power supplies.
  • Transmit up to 100 m over CATx (use a network switch to get greater distances).
  • Transmit up to 2 km over multimode fibre or up to 30 km over single-mode fibre (depending on SFP transceiver).

MediaCento™ IPX HD

  • Transmit HDMI video and audio signals over a Gigabit Ethernet network.
  • Supports up to 1080p HD (High Def) HDMI with visually lossless compression.
  • Easy configuration: Set up the MediaCento™ units using only the front panel interface, no additional configuration required.
  • PoE support for remote powering.
  • Transmit up to 100 m over CATx (use a network switch to get greater distances).

MediaCento™ IPX Controller
Turn your IP-based MediaCento™ IPX transmitters and receivers into an IP-based matrix switch and video wall processor.

  • Take full control over your IP-based MediaCento™ IPX transmitters and receivers.
  • Manage content remotely with intuitive Web UI and mobile support.
  • Control video walls up to 8 x 8 (64 screens).
  • Create and control multizone video walls.
  • Easily expandable.

MediaCento™ IPX

MediaCento™ IPX Controller

H.264 Encoder/Decoder

Transmit high-quality HDMI video over a standard IP network for display of HD content on one screen—or multicast signals to multiple displays—with the Black Box H.264 Encoder. Because the Encoder uses H.264 compression and requires very low bandwidth, it's extremely efficient when encoding full HD video and analog audio for transmission.

The Black Box H.264 Encoder integrates with any equipment using standard H.264 encoding. The video stream can be received by any H.264 Decoder, software or sent over the internet. It also integrates well with a number of Black Box products, such as:


  • Extend full HD video and audio over any IP network using H.264 encoding
  • Video resolution up to Full HD 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz
  • Distribute video and audio to an unlimited number of decoders
  • Works with VS-2001 Decoder or integrates with any other H.264 decoder, set-top box, VLC, or media player
  • PoE powering means it will receive power directly from the network switch
  • Low bandwidth requirements so it's easy to transmit over the internet and even WiFi
  • Low adjustable bit rate from 2 to 30 Mbps
  • User-friendly control features via IP (Web GUI and Telnet) providing simple, flexible, control and management options

Black Box Explains H.264

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