Black Box 4K Showcase

The new standard

4K is the standard for professional video and signage applications. Transition to 4K and deploy video systems that wow your audience with our award-winning solutions and free application engineering.

Transition to 4K

There are many elements to consider, including mismatched resolutions, bandwidth requirements, multiple AV interfaces, and new cable lengths. Our white paper on 4K will help you get started.

Transition to 4K

4K video wall controller

Stunning video walls

Output 4K video across four or more screens with VideoPlex4000 / VideoPlex4 — a standalone display wall controller that is ideal for use with edge-blending projectors.

4K digital signage

Ensure a great user experience. iCOMPEL offers scalable, easy-to-use digital signage with brilliant 4K output from one to thousands of screens.

4K digital signage

4k video distribution and extension

HDMI distribution

Distribute and switch HDMI audio and video with resolutions up to 4K x 2K. Your resolutions stay crystal clear with our HDMI switches and splitters.

4K going the distance

Work remotely on 4K contents with DKM Extenders. Deliver pixel perfect video und multiple peripheral signals over distances up to 10 km. (Coming soon also with refresh rates of 60 fps!)

4K KVM Extensions up to 10 km

KVM Matrix switching of 4K video and peripheral signals

KVM Switching of 4K contents

Get instantaneous access to multiple 4K-sources via user-defined peripheral sets. The DKM FX extends, switches and distributes video and data signals in real time.

4K solutions

Get started today, and create impactful, state-of-the-art video systems.

Download the 4K white paper Piecing Together the 4K Puzzle

Piecing together the 4K puzzle

Get an in-depth look at what's involved with setting up your 4K solution. Download Piecing Together the 4K Puzzle or contact Tech Support for more information.