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Overcome your IT challenges with our complete solutions portfolio

Overcome your IT challenges with our complete solutions portfolio

Increased flexibility and mobility of IT can help your staff members efficiently manage their time, daily tasks and messages including voice mail, email and appointment scheduling so they have more time to deliver high-quality patient care. We have years of experience designing hospital-wide networks including wards, reception areas, cafeterias, visitor waiting areas and staff rooms, giving your staff the best possible environment in which to help patients recover.

Structured cabling

Cabling requirements can be critical in a hospital environment. The scale, speed and sensitivity of a lot of the information expected to be carried around the network mean bandwidth, security and headroom are vital. Our structured cabling solutions are ideal, and include both high-speed copper (CAT5e/6/6a/7) and fibre options for delivering patient information across your entire site, in an instant.


Wireless/Wired WAN connectivity gives your patients, visitors and staff high-speed internet access from anywhere on your property, even to the bedside.

Network Access Control gives you complete protection of your hospital network. Control and limit access for both staff and patients so people can only access what you want them to access, when you want them to access it.


Digital Signage

Digital Signage is perfect for keeping visitors up to date with information on amenities, news, weather, traffic reports or emergency messages in communal areas like cafeterias or waiting areas. It is also ideal for way-finding and can even be used to advertise on-site or local businesses. Integrated live TV can also help both patients and visitors relieve some of the boredom of inevitably waiting around.


Increasing both physical and network security helps your staff protect valuable equipment and confidential patient data.

Biometrics give you control of physical access to any area of your building that you decide. Protect expensive equipment or highly sensitive data by restricting access, to specialist treatment areas, research labs or offices, to only those members of staff who require it.

CCTV and environmental monitoring add a further level of physical security and protection for areas that need it.

Our clients within healthcare and medical enviroments

  • Leiden University Medical Centre (NL)
  • Belfast City Hospital (IRE)
  • Patientline (UK)
  • Banner Pharmacaps (NL)
  • UZ Brussel (BE)
  • Arvika Sjukhus (SE)
  • Danderyds Djukhus (SE)
  • Fremont Memorial Hospital (USA)
  • Oneida County Hospital (UK)
  • UMC Utrecht (NL)
  • CHU de Liège (BE)
  • UZ Gent (BE)
  • Skånes Universitetssjukhus MAS (SE)
  • Lasarettet i Ystad (SE)
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