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VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus
VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus
VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus

VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus

Convert any video output for use with any display.

  • Provides the functions of a video scaler, scan converter, and format transformer in one unit.
  • Scales the resolution of any PC or HDTV video signal up or down to match that of another PC or HDTV.
  • Provides a steady VGA signal to your display device, enabling you to switch seamlessly from one input to another.
  • Inverts the VGA output horizontally, making it perfect for teleprompters and rear-projection systems.
  • Fine-tune the output picture by adjusting the resolution and refresh rates.
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VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus
VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus
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VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus Datasheet
VGA/HDTV Scaler Plus Manual
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