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ICQS-VE-SU-N: Subscriber VESA
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ICQS-VE-SU-N: Subscriber VESA

iCOMPEL Q Series

Digital signage subscribers for harsh or noise-sensitive environments.

  • An appliance-based solution that sets up fast with all software preinstalled.
  • Ideal for challenging environments with airborne contaminants.
  • Fanless design means silent operation for environments where noise is a concern.
  • A high-performing system for high-quality small business signage.
  • Integrates into your digital signage system with other iCOMPEL appliances.
  • Free updates and no ongoing subscription or licensing fees for lower cost of ownership.
  • Controllable via a standard Web browser connection.
  • Includes free, professionally-designed screen layouts.
  • Equipped with HDMI® and VGA video outputs.
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  iCOMPEL Q Series  
iCOMPEL Q Series
  ICQS-VE-SU-N   Sign in to view prices  
Unit: -
  iCOMPEL Q Series  
iCOMPEL Q Series
  ICQS-VE-SU-W   Sign in to view prices  


  Product     Code   Unit price  
  iCOMPEL General-Purpose Input/Output Adapter
iCOMPEL General-Purpose Input/Output Adapter
  ICOMP-GPIO   Sign in to view prices  
  ICOMP-WIFI   Sign in to view prices  
Rack/Mount Kit
  ICOMP02-VESA-R2   Sign in to view prices  

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