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iCOMPEL Remote Control

For easy, on-demand control of content and volume right at the screen.

  • Handheld IR unit for controlling iCOMPEL™ content and volume at a display.
  • Push a button to select content (videos, images, and even layouts and playlists).
  • Control TV channel selection on iCOMPEL-versions with video capture.
  • Features four assignable buttons for customized control and playing video on demand.
  • Enables administrators to delegate control of local content to local users.
  • Content inside a single zone or across multiple zones can be switched in sync.
  • Includes IR sensor on cord that plugs into iCOMPEL unit’s USB port.
  • “Pick list” creation function for restricting what TV content can be shown.
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iCOMPEL Remote Control
iCOMPEL Remote Control
800,00 kr

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iCOMPEL Remote Control Datasheet
Sep 11, 2012
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